Laser Dentistry

Using a combination of water and laser energy, the Lares LightWalker is a hard and soft tissue laser that allows Elite Denstiry to perform most dental treatments without anesthesia, pain, bleeding, or discomfort. The heat and vibration from traditional dental drills cause most of the dental pain experienced by patients, but the Lares LightWalker works so quickly it never builds up any heat or vibration. This means the nerves of the teeth never feel the Lares LightWalker working, so they don't respond to it with pain. The precise and less invasive approach of the Lares LightWalker helps conserve tooth structure to help teeth function at their best so they last longer. In addition, you probably won't need any anesthesia for a dental treatment with the Lares LightWalker laser, so you won't have to worry about injection pain or experiencing that numb feeling for hours afterwards.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy
Elite Dentistry specializes in the gentlest and most precise form of root canal treatment laser assisted root canal therapy. A greatly improved treatment over traditional methods, with laser assisted root canal therapy Elite Denstistry inserts a tiny optical fiber that delivers the laser into the root, removes the infected pulp, and cleans the canal. The light energy from the dental laser can penetrate the tiny tubules inside the root canal more precisely and with more sterility than traditional dental tools can, resulting in a better cleaning with complete bacteria removal. After finishing the laser cleaning, Elite Denstistry fills the space with a medicated filling material and places a permanent crown that fully restores it and leaves you with a fully functional tooth.

Laser Gum Reshaping
Using precise laser technology, Elite Dentistry changes the overall appearance of your smile by creating an even, pushed back gum line that makes your teeth appear longer, more balanced, and symmetrical. It's a fast and practically painless procedure that can give you a healthy, youthful appearance in addition to a beautiful smile. As an experienced cosmetic laser dentist in Elite Dentistry understands the aesthetics of how gum tissue affects the appearance of your smile. That's why his straightforward laser gum reshaping procedure works so well in giving his patients the attractive smiles they desire - and it can work for your smile too.

Laser Gum Reshaping Procedure
It all begins with an initial consultation where Elite Dentistry will examine your gums and teeth before recommending a laser gum reshaping treatment plan. Once you're ready to improve your smile with laser gum reshaping, all it takes is just one short visit. Here's a breakdown of our process:

1.Administering a local anesthetic to the area to ensure your comfort
2.Gently recontouring the excess gum tissue with the laser
3.Removing any necessary bone tissue with the laser
4.You going home with a newly enhanced smile - and with no after-treatment pain, no stitches, no bleeding, and no unsightly smile