Modern restorative dentistry is a remarkable combination of art and science. From highly esthetic resin and ceramic materials that mimic your natural tooth structure in strength and appearance, to digital clinical processes that make care more accurate and efficient, today's dentistry is light years ahead of where we were even a decade ago. Elite Dentistry works with our many laboratories, suppliers, and technology providers to bring you the very best of modern restorative materials and techniques.

Composite Resin Restorations
When a decayed tooth can be fully restored with a filling, the dentists at Elite Dentistry recommend using a tooth-colored composite resin material. This material has significant advantages over other filling materials. It allows the patient to retain more of his or her natural tooth's structure and strength. The adhesive bond between the composite and the tooth decreases the opportunity for future decay. The healthy appearance of the tooth is retained because composite resins can be matched to the tooth's natural color. Composite fillings are also mercury-free.

Partial and Full Crowns
The following dental conditions generally will necessitate restoring a tooth with a partial or full crown: (1) the tooth has become more than fifty percent decayed; (2) the tooth has been previously restored and has recurrent decay; (3) a symptomatic crack has occurred or a portion of the tooth has broken off; or (4) root canal treatment has been performed on the tooth. A partial or full crown restores the structural integrity of the tooth by replacing the compromised portion. If you have a tooth that is discolored, malformed, or mal-positioned, you may want to choose a cosmetic crown to enhance the appearance of your smile. At Elite Dentistry we utilize a full range of materials and methods for construction of partial and full crowns. The materials and methods we use depend upon the unique functional needs and aesthetic desires of our patients. Partial all-ceramic crowns are completed in a single appointment utilizing our in-house CEREC technology. We partner with local licensed dental laboratories to produce full crowns which can be all ceramic, all metal, or a combination of both. Our digital impressioning techniques allow our patients to avoid traditional putty impressions and obtain a more accurate result.

Bridge Restorations
When patients are missing one or more teeth, replacement of the missing tooth or teeth can be accomplished by a fixed bridge, which is cemented to the neighboring teeth, or a removable bridge, also referred to as a partial denture. Bridge reconstructions of either type rely upon the neighboring teeth for support.

Elite Dentistry works with local licensed dental laboratories to produce fixed or removable bridges consistent with our patients' functional needs and desires. A treatment planning consultation with one of our dentists is the best way for you to determine if a bridge is the best option for you.

Implant Restorations
For the vast majority of patients who are missing one or more teeth, implant restorations are the recommended course of treatment. This type of restoration involves a two step process. The implant, which replaces the root of the tooth, is first placed in the socket area by guided surgery, here at Elite Dentistry, or by one of the areas best surgical specialists (in more complex cases). Once the implant placement is complete, our dentists and laboratory work with the patient to then produce the custom connector and permanent crown to complete the restoration.

Implant restorations are generally preferred over fixed or removable bridges because they (1) do not increase the stress on the neighboring teeth; (2) prevent bone loss associated with a missing tooth; and (3) are not subject to future decay. Implant restorations look and feel like natural teeth and provide a long-lasting replacement for missing teeth.